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Apr 21, - I wish kingsisle would clean the game up more for the kids that play. As another adult player, who has many adult friends in game, we are.

The List: The Top Five 'Adult' MMOs

Language and Bullying In Game.

Venus Rising

As a parent wizard101 adult game both plays here and supports two young players I have to say I am increasingly disappointed in the language and bullying I continuously see in game. I feel for those under the age of 18 a valid ADULTS e-mail address should be included and wizadd101 linked to the reports accumulated on that given account.

adult game wizard101

When the child's account is reported a copy should automatically be wizard101 adult game to that e-mail account to make parents aware of their child's language and demeanor in game. I feel it would reduce the amount of inappropriate language, bullying, and sexual innuendo as well as help KI keep this kids game kid friendly. I know options deedlit sex games menu chat are available however, they make wizard101 adult game overly restrictive.

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Filter chat which is what my children use however, can be misleading as a safe wixard101 option because we all have wizard101 adult game cursing around the filter Please KI help us parents moderate adhlt children's behavior on here and hold these wizard101 adult game responsible.

We love your game, but the language lately is a little too rated R for our families taste: I had a very upsetting incident happen to me the other day, which involved a person making threats and chatting around the filter.

game wizard101 adult

The moderators of the forum declined to print my post, perhaps because it was too negative I used no bad language, only euphemisms, and didn't blame KI in any way, but who knows. Anyway, my point was that although this happened to me, an adult, it could wizard101 adult game happen to my kid, or anyone's kid, who has filtered chat.

This particular event wizard101 adult game involved a demand for gifting--increasingly, I think these two bad behaviors gifting demands and retaliatory bullying go together.

adult game wizard101

Anyway, wizard101 adult game for your post. Addendum to my previous post on this thread: Thanks, KI, for letting us discuss this problem--even if there are no easy solutions. adukt

game wizard101 adult

Until we, as a wizard101 adult game species, grow up and evolve quite a bit more, this will never change. Especially with the world's media, the way children are taught and raised, which then of course becomes 'contagious' and is taught and passed down through interaction in schools, etc.

of playing digital games was administered to older adults over the age of Descriptive .. Significant associations of sex and type of game played. game called Wizard and found 62% of the players over 50 were female. With the.

We as parents are rather full of ourselves. Once we have a child, we believe we have reached the pinnacle of evolution, knowledge, and wisdom.

Because, it is OUR child! Parents curse and act around children without prejudice. That simply passes down that behaviour to children.

game wizard101 adult

We cannot control what other people choose to do in the game. We can, however, control our own actions and options.

Playing Your Cards Right: Wizard101

Golden Guardian on Jun 28, wrote:. Golden Guardian on Jun 30, wrote:. I would like to see the ability to report extended to nonmembers; make the requirements like getting Open Chat.

game wizard101 adult

Be a certain age. Make a purchase from KI on line.

game wizard101 adult

This would increase reporters and the age restriction would make sure there would be more responsible reporting. One-Eyed Jack on Jun 30, wrote:.

game wizard101 adult

Seriously, we need outstanding members to become mods People like Anecorbie with the powers of a moderator wizard110 make this game a better place. Willowydream on Jun 29, wrote:.

I wizard101 adult game some role play is innocent and harmless.

adult game wizard101

3d adult game recording I just want a game where kids are there to play and not have to worry about someone being crude and stepping over a line.

Let's all wizard101 adult game honest here, we tried to play through all the crude and sexual comments, but it's really gotten out of hand. I hope you bring this back.

Parents say

I used to be an everyday player. When it ended I was devastated.

adult game wizard101

It was the best game ever until they made Clash Of Clans. Now, i prefer your older version.

adult game wizard101

I remember the names; Hypnotism: We had our trolls. Few in specific known as Zealous, Neko, booger, but its been very long I barely remember. There were good people I spoke to that i missed. Known as Ghost, skittles, bitemeharder, sky, to wizard101 adult game those conversations all gone to waste.

May 4, - I too am an adult and enjoy the game alot. I really can't complain because the game is awesome and it makes up for the frustration with the chatting. .. by some sex chat you hear, maybe you're in need of a trip to the mirror.

If anything, please update your game again. It has been many years and its been on my mind.

adult game wizard101

Im sure others do as well. We have a name-generating system that allows players to create names that fit with the world of the game, but prevents players from using their real names or creating names that wizard101 adult game inappropriate.

adult game wizard101

Part of what makes Wizard so engaging is the ability to interact with other players. We offer multiple levels of yame that offer decreasing levels of control that can be modified to fit the changing maturity levels of players. As players grow, Wizard can grow with them to allow for more self-expression and freedom.

Why wizard101 adult game there a restriction wizard101 adult game typing numbers in the chat?

adult game wizard101

This wizard101 adult game players, particularly younger ones, from exchanging personal information such as their age, address, phone number, etc. The goal of the 3d sex games demos chat system was to ensure that players were wizard101 adult game to communicate with one another, but in a way that was safe for young players. Our most basic level of chat is menu-based. Players can use a multi-level system of drop-down adklt to converse.

Parent reviews for Wizard 101

The menu-based system includes ways to greet others, ask for help on xdult tasks, offer help, wish people good luck and even tell others that you are restricted to menu-chat. Rather than isolate players, it provides a safe, wizard101 adult game environment where kids can enjoy the game and be part of an online community.

adult game wizard101

The tiered chat system wizard101 adult game the same way as separated channels. The least-restricted chat option is Open chat, which is available for adults and must be validated by entering a credit card number. Wizard101 adult game this level, there is a profanity filter, but players are able to communicate freely. If two players with Open chat are aeult near others, their full conversation can only be seen by other Open chat players.

Playing Your Cards Right: Wizard « Futiquity

And finally, menu chat players cannot see the discussion. There is an arena which offers us PvP fights. Player or PvP is a combat feature we offer in a special arena in the game.

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Sep 14, - Games in this article: Wizard Questions by Can teenagers and adults also enjoy the game? Definitely Onrpg: Wizard has a few mini-games. What is the . Like you've given up, so you buy a sex toy. Meanwhile.


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