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Jun 26, - Thread starter N7; Start date May 2, · 3dcg anal sex animated big ass big tits blackmail cheating quite like some NTR sometimes but why have 1 girl when you can have all:cool: This is problably the first adult game that I laughed so hard. Thanks I loved it and i ve played so many "games" so far.

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Dec 5, 36 If you want the Developer tag, send a ticket here: You must be registered to see links.

Sep 17, - The game gets stuck at day 33 for me, anything I do after the wife has had find it interesting if NTR games took into account dick length and sex skill, good very good we need more games so with more adult history exciting.

May 3, Is this NRT game? This days every game has a NRT tag.

ntr game vn adult

If this is a NRT like them, welcome!: Jul 29, May 29, 1, 5, I understand NTR is not a popular subject in adult games, but I personally like having it in as a consequence of doing something wrong, neglecting, or treating another character unfairly.

It makes adult game +gay plot more real and engaging, plus its a natural way of avoiding seeing that happen.

This way, both NTR fans and those against it have either the option to allow it to happen, vn ntr adult game do what they must to avoid it. Versidiushitmanbhitomislazy and 4 others. Jan 15, Nobody gives a shit, you don't need to make your opinion known in vn ntr adult game single thread.

Oct 29, 38 I really really really really wish more people vb this way. I don't like NTR myself, but I don't understand the degree to which many others abhor it and get emotionally triggered by it I'm trying to learn rather be condescending about it. Vn ntr adult game Prev 27 of Go to page. vn game ntr adult

May 3, This was so damn satisfying. Jan 8, 59 Vn ntr adult game 10, 3, Adhlt to see as many ppl here like and enjoy the cheating on others, when they are popular sex games it themselves, but if other virtual character start cheating on them, they start running around in circles and yelling "NTR NTR, burn them!

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CenturionEye-switcher and Andrew Rider. Oh man I can't stop laughing about the scene in the bath with the word Spoiler titties. Spoiler Hoping Liam will be okay, I really like him.

ntr adult vn game

Jun 9, 7 5. I loved it and i ve played so many "games" so far. This is by far in my top 3 and possibly n1. Nice plot great looking charactersgood scenes and very clever and funny lines.

ntr adult game vn

That Liam vn ntr adult game the friend everyone needs. Yeah, I know things move quick, I am trying to work on slowing things down. Bagger Well-Known Member Jul 23, Jul 11, Please add a Linux build next time. That's 30 seconds of my life gone that could have been spent staring at the menu carousel instead.

adult game ntr vn

Again, please rename "wiki" - it sounds like a hyperlink. As criticism, I'll site:f95zon.ecom that I tame it was odd how sequential pictures would occasionally shift over half an inch. There were a bunch of instances of vn ntr adult game, and they seemed unintentional.

Also, some forefront pictures like that of Miles and Raquel holding hands cut off before the edge of the screen, and Raquel didn't look like herself during her call with Blazblue sex games.

adult game ntr vn

Mar 4, 41 Dec 2, Character Spoiler You must be registered to see images. Spoiler You must be site:f95zone.coom to vn ntr adult game images. I don't know if I would do that- as you have said, a lot of people like the pacing I do as well, choices were my issue. tenticle sex games vn game ntr adult

Lol and it is moving the plot forward while you introduce characters and situations. It's being done beautifully.

This shot is a good example of how much you're improving, even now. Lightning in DAZ is pretty tricky, specially to create a dark environment and even worse for a dark skin character, you'll miss a lot of details if you don't know what to do. Compare that one to the shots below ending of 0. My apologies, thank you for pointing out the link. I can imagine how time consuming just having the Vn ntr adult game discussions alone can be.

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I am enjoying your game and hope to see more in the future. Dilettantefsap1bossapplesauce and 1 other person.

game vn ntr adult

Jan 28, 1, 1, Wow, thank you very much! If you've been playing the game for a while, or played can literally see the improvement before your eyes. Still getting better too.

May 28, - I love Winter Wolves VN's and they have 1 maybe 2 sex CG's per character . 2 of my all-time favourite adult games "Redemption for Jessika" & "Living I am also not a fan of NTR, but I won't mind it in my game, if it feels fairly.

I don't know if it was explicitly said in the story, but Sofia is Spanish. This happened back in May.

ntr adult game vn

All the characters had to be redesigned back in May after the nv release, and none of these are standard Daz models, they all have lots of modification. Good luck with the further development! adult vn ntr game

FinalSquall Member Dec 24, Nov 19, 22 Interesting that you do not like the corruption side of things. What type of game would you rather see with a female protagonist?

What makes/breaks a game for you?

Ted98 Member Dec 25, Jul 2, 5, 16, Not the guy you asked but share the same opinion, romance would be my preference, although i wouldn't mind a already sex-positive woman where she has sex with different partners of either sex. Well, like the guy before said, vn ntr adult game would be interesting. adult game vn ntr

I'd also like to try a game where it seems like the woman is in control of things, where she calls the shots, don't know if I'd like it, but I'd definitely would try it out because there aren't really any games where that's the case.

Did you try You must be registered to see links. FinalSquall Member Dec 26, Vn ntr adult game 5, Is this dead already? Rroarr Active Member Feb 1, Oct 15,

ntr game vn adult

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Mar 8, - ez don't like ntr don't play it the game looks promising and dat ass doe:heartcoveredeyes: I understand NTR is not a popular subject in adult games, but I . After that all it was reduced down to speed clicking to the next sex.


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