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Nov 2, - So Ive been playing with this text based strategy game called Free one of those games I keep playing for one more turn up until the wee.


Whenever I select the buy option for the other more expensive one later nothing happens even though I have enough money to buy her. I thought that might of been the case I at times slave adult game loverslab do things to test something out if see how a game is. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. Already slave adult game loverslab an account? Thanks for making it but I was wondering if their was a way to edit the work schedule. I noticed that for the porn career that they have no slave adult game loverslab off.

It's hard to do anything before my sim as to go to work. After your Sims finish the Casting Couch level, you should start getting weekends and decreasingly long hours. I've opted to go slave adult game loverslab slightly more realistic working hours, rather than say EA's 6-hour entrylevel business job.

However, this mod is almost completely tuneable by XML. Hi, thanks for making this mod, looking forward to playing with it! However I am currently unable to get it to work properly as every time I try to get my sim to go to work the interaction gets automatically cancelled. Is there something conflicting here or am I missing something? Cheers I'm not sure, haven't heard this before. As soon as the carpool arrives, your sim should autonomously head to work, even besy online sex games free will disabled.

Yes there is, but no luck getting her to go to porn rape sex games.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

I was assuming its a conflict because I have a few mods slave adult game loverslab. Maybe I'll try getting it to work without them and report back. Also I am using a custom world called Neverglade in case that has any effect Not lovsrslab I'm aware of. What mods do you suspect may be causing problems?

loverslab slave adult game

Other than that I love the jobs: About half of that is a planned feature for the next update: Can't wait, love the career: Just want to say thanks, I've been playing this mod for a few days now and have not encountered any bugs so you did a pretty decent job, liverslab wait for the update. Hey, I love the mod! Thank you slave adult game loverslab creating something like this.

game loverslab adult slave

I'm having a problem, though. After Level 3 of each job at the hideout, when my Sim has to go to work, they get in the carpool, go to work and enter the building slave adult game loverslab it keeps showing as they're still going to work.

And work performance meter doesn't change, it stays still.

adult first person view(FPS adult game)

Also, when I save my game and exit, the game freezes after 3 seconds when I want to play again and it won't turn normal. I haven't heard about the freezing before. Are you running NRaas StoryProgression by any chance? Is that the problem? It shouldn't be, considering the entire NRaas suite elave slave adult game loverslab to work together.

My mod is simply a plug-in for Careers.

However, StoryProgression seems to be the common link between people with this "going to work" slave adult game loverslab. Could you loveerslab install ErrorTrap, try to encounter the bug again, slave adult game loverslab send me any ScriptError files showing up in your The Sims 3 folder with the corresponding time and date? There may be something clarifying the issue in there. Zootopia sex games will most likely upload 1.

Maybe that will resolve the issue anyway. I would like to help with the brazilian portuguese translation!! I'll contact you when Fame get off work.

game loverslab adult slave

I tried to add a pic to my furry futa sex games post, but couldn't figure it slave adult game loverslab. Anyway, just wanted to show the room I created to supplement this mod.

I ended up moving it to the film career lot:. I ended up moving it to the film career lot: That looks very nice! Maybe you could try turning your lot hame a workplace with Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod.

I've heard people have run into some issues, but maybe you'll have more rpg style sex games getting it work. Yep, that's adhlt mod I've been using and it works great. I only activate it when I don't want them to use the rabbithole.

How does this mod work? It's acutally my sim's work day, the carpool comes up aduly for some reason she'd keep postponing going to work. Do they actually go to a place like those slave adult game loverslab in the photos or is it like they just get locked up in the building until the shift ends and that's it? These are rabbit hole careers.

adult loverslab slave game

If your sims do not autonomously go to work when the carpool slavw up, slave adult game loverslab is likely a rare compatibility issue with NRaas StoryProgression. I have not yet pinpointed the exact problem, so please send me any relevant bug reports or ScriptError XML files. Two things I know that can cause slave adult game loverslab A corrupt or missing career outfit. Try taking the sim into CAS and manually assign one. Something invisible blocking the rabbit hole loverelab.

adult loverslab slave game

gamf Do all of your other rabbit holes still work or do you see sims stamping their feet trying to enter? If so, do you happen to use Nraas' ErrorTrap?

adult game loverslab slave

There was a bug in older versions that could cause this. If you want to see more action, use Zerbu's Ultimate Career http: Then you can use a mod like Animated WooHoo http: KW has a "Start Whoring" option that works well for this.

Getting paid extra is optional, you only need AW or KW to see the animations. Your sims will not receive work experience when working in the slave adult game loverslab lot, however, so you can alternate between the two as needed. C'est de l'excellent boulot les mecs! The biggest limitation here is that I'm primarily a code person, and I'm not at the level of a professional artist when it comes to modeling and animation.

Well i posted on the free cities slave adult game loverslab and f95 forums. I loversllab keep posting about it when i visit some more places like loverslab for instance. You never know who might want tentacle sex games cdg in on your project and lovrrslab a hand on stuff you slave adult game loverslab fancy doing yourself.

What's there is interesting.

-Adult Prostitution career now has 9 chance cards. -The in-game text now displays properly in non-english games. . starts recording animated woohoo with his sex slaves at the giant indoor pool with .. ( (it's a WIP.).

When it comes to playing though it just feels like I'm mostly just watching the clock, so to speak. I think you might be right that the game is balanced a little bit too slave adult game loverslab in the conquest direction that's the most efficient way to get money. I plan to increase the number of tourists in the slave adult game loverslab patch so you can get more income from your slaves instead of them being a means to the end of getting ships.

We're actually discussing the next set of features on the Patreon, but one of the big elements of the next patch v0. Slave adult game loverslab Play and Hucows is the ability to train a couple skills in addition to obedience and fear currently entertainment value and sexual skill, though it's still only a day into development.

Sadly the ingame slave display is a real memory hog it crashed immediately when I tried to build it for 32 bit systems. I'll see if there are any optimizations I can do to make slave adult game loverslab work on 32 bit systems, but it may be impossible without significant feature reduction. Yeah dont bother with that, i was just trying to launch it from work and i have road trip sex games tumblr terrible PC there.

Well they suck at security so it s on them.

adult game loverslab slave

Also, i know all the IT guys lol though i never told them they suck. This game is showing a lot of potential. However, Slave adult game loverslab keep having an issue where the game will freeze up and stop responding after returning to the station from loverlsab galaxy map. Also, is it possible to have more than one of each ship? I'm looking for some games loverslzb this as well. I could probably find a lot of these games, slave adult game loverslab I just don't feel right typing all the words I would need to use to actually find these games.

I mean games that have more content in them than a demo of a paid dress-up game. Second life generally pain in the ass because technically it is game engine with online features. Posted June 30, 12 sex games Sim Brothel was just too damn tedious - didn't want to micromanage, just wanted them to fuck!

Posted July 15, Try Harem Collector or Overwhored, both slave adult game loverslab in the works but playable. Posted July 17, Posted August 21, Are there any such simulation games?

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Jul 24, - Christmas Gift - Sexy Santa Costume Details: For Base Game. . Here you can find free custom content for the games The Sims 3 and Are so many great creators of adult content out there, find me in Lovers Lab as.


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