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Download Free Akabur Porn Comics And Akabur Sex Games From Keep2share (k2s), An Adult Game Created in Vein of Akabur's Princes/ Witch Trainer.

Adult Android games trainer game princess adult

The games is pretty long! I spent good hours on this one! Don't forget that you can always play the game with the walkthrough by your side as there is some times where you'll be wandering, looking for the scenario.

adult game trainer princess

This one is actually my favorite Still waiting for Powerless to be out tho', it's gonna rock! September 02, Only when it's being done zdult. The artist I'm helping make a princess trainer adult game Visual Novel style game about Fallout 4 has put out a few in the past, here's her Patreon: Harem Wawesome sex games Game in developement but already big enough to have its own wikia.

trainer game princess adult

You play as a aduult who want to own slaves princess trainer adult game girls only. Well to shamelessly plug myself I'm hard at work on a trainer game set in the futurama world influenced by Akaburs work. Very early stages, but things are starting to steam ahead pretty well right now.

Akabur – Princess Trainer GOLD Edition (Beta) Ver.2.01

I was planning a very princesz release in January but maybe even sooner. Any feedback or ideas princess trainer adult game appreciated You can ga,e some early dolls etc at http: Recently found this gem of a game: The kid, who you name, has three major goals: It had alot less content and i really enjoyed it so i looked into it.

Found out the copies I played were massively outdated and played the others many times since then.

adult game trainer princess

PT gold is my favorite so far. I hope he plans on expanding on witch trainer as well.

game princess trainer adult

The old princwss of Princess trainer would give you the option to pee on jasmine after sex and if princess trainer adult game choose it, instead of CG it would just pop up some text that said "I'm not drawing that" I kinda wish he left that text in instead of taking the option out all together.

I very much doubt Akabur will ever return to WT.

It's my firm believe that the whole "leak-and-hissy-fit" episode was just Akabur giving up on the project for good and dumping what he had. Designed by X-Moon Productions. Tue Nov 20, 5: Page 1 of 2.

adult game trainer princess

Previous topic Next topic. Nautica Rank 16 Joined: Roggvir Rank 10 Joined: Dialogue, extra scenes not much really. It just fleshes it out a little more.

game princess trainer adult

I have only finished princess trainer adult game regular one so far but the gold version is the better game, and still free. Old version focus on the Princess herself, while have some short story with the other 2 female char.

adult game trainer princess

Gold version, expand the 2 female char story. So old one we have 1 slave, Gold version we have 3 slaves adlut be training.

game adult princess trainer

Well if you find it funny then ok, i was just in a wrong asumption that it is a legitmate fap material. I think that apart from princess trainer adult game interesting dialog it is a bad porn game and bad managment game overall.

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Witch trainer much more so the princess trainer. I think its a step backwards.

trainer game princess adult

I really like Akabur's writing, and his 4th wall breaks are awesome as well, but as others above have said, there are better options out there, but hey, it's free! This is one of the games on the topic of corruption, princes which you will need to collect your harem sex slaves using various dirty corruption princess trainer adult game.

The game has been updated to version 1.

trainer adult game princess

All games on this site are only for adults, so if you are under 18, leave a site. Porn games Android sort: Sakura Maid A maid performs her daily tasks while awaiting the return of princess trainer adult game beloved master.

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Princess Trainer - This and Witch Trainer are both good games in general. It really is too bad as they are far and away the best adult game I've ever played. Holy fuck, this is easily one of the best porn games out right now.


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