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Christie's Room Island Life 2. Robin vs BBC 2. Jenny's Gym Lessons Pt3. Strip Poker with Brigette. Strip Poker Sexy Cop. Officer Juggs Ghost Fucker. People came up with that, storyboarded it, animated it.

Make a character show ga,es themselves, fine, palutena sex games games dot you think that's what they'd do. But the actual choice to put the "camera" animation not camera blah blah there for those two shots felt like the unnecessary part.

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And if it's no just showing off jewellery or whatever well then there's a level of naivety of how it comes across. Others'll disagree and it's not perfectly argued but it's palutena sex games games dot the moment stood out to me. Uthred Member Jun 15, Nov 24, 5, 0 Ireland. Now of course the blame doesn't lie solely on the people who pump this shit out, but also on the people that consume it. Some of the shit people were saying about the women during the Treehouse stream was fucking disgusting.

They even started to compile a list of the twitter accounts of all the women on the stream to stalk. We also can't ignore the "waifu" bullshit that seems to pop up any time a game palutena sex games games dot a female character in it.

Of course anyone who actually speaks out against this shit is either "jealous" or "sexist". RealDeadOne Member Jun 15, Nov 7, 1, 0 0. Creating things that offend nobody and appeal to everyone leads to watered down products. RocBase Member Jun 15, Feb 19, 2, 0 I think that has the potential to do more harm than good, though. If you single people out and try to "preach" to them that sexism is bad before they're ready to hear it, you're simply going to exacerbate the problem.

Misogynists aren't suddenly going to see women as more well-rounded beings simply because that viewpoint is being thrust upon them -- instead, they'll be resentful that it's being thrust upon them, and will most likely hold a bigger grudge and become even more misogynistic as a result "Damned women are tryin' to palutena sex games games dot me what to think now!

The key is to introduce more games into the market with more well-rounded female characters, normalizing that as opposed to the sexualization of women. It is possible to "have your cake and eat it too," and I think that's really the only way things can possibly get better -- if you try to take the cake away from people, they're just going to hate palutena sex games games dot for taking their cake.

Ultimately, I believe games that objectify women can easily coexist with games that objectify men, games that objectify both women AND men, and games that objectify neither gender and are simply well-characterized experiences throughout.

The key question to ask is, what's going to end up selling to the public? If people make legitimately good games with well-rounded characters, I'm pretty confident that they WILL sell on their own merits, even to misogynistic and misandristic individuals. Hell, there femdom adult sex games no registration plenty that already do. But that's the answer here -- not to restrict developers from creating sexist games, but simply to counterbalance those developers by creating an equal or greater number of non-sexist games or equal opportunity fanservice games palutena sex games games dot are good enough to sell and normalize the equal depiction of men and women.

When that happens and I'm confident it will, in timewe will see fewer games with objectified female characters by simple virtue of the fact that they'll no longer be hot sellers. Ken Member Jun 15, May 27, 34, 0 0. Fan service is fantastic. Philippo Member Jun 15, Mar 25, 9, 2 0 Venice, Italy. I don't think it's just because. Everyone dresses a certain palutena sex games games dot young busty teen playing sex games with black guy a reason.

It's probably tied to how they feel the need to compete for social acceptance. You have to wear certain clothes to get the coolest friends and guys.

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It makes them feel better about themselves. It's no different from when a male peacock gets prettied up to find a girl in the wilderness. But I don't think it's the right place for learning.

Series with enough buttons for their own folders:

In fact I think it's the exact opposite. Tomohawk Member Jun 15, Jan 16, 2, 0 0. There's nothing wrong with fan service games like senran kagura, just like there is nothing wrong with porn. However fan service paluyena games becomes a problem ewhen it affects the quality.

For example if your trying to establish your character be a strong female character, but make her a sex doll like lightning, your doing it wrong. Another example would be heels and bikini armor on so many "warrior" female characters. Vulcano's assistant Banned Jun 15, Downloadable furry sex games 1, 22, 0 0.

A legitimately questionable design choice of the Witcher series. Desu Member Jun 15, Mar 14, 0 0. This discussion, while Palutena sex games games dot agree with some of the points made, is a completely powerless adult game one to be having.

Swx, I agree women are overly sexualized etc, and there should be a moderation in fanservice and such, but there's something that's been selling longer than video games and even media as a whole.

Gamerloid Palutena sex games games dot Jun 15, Jun 24, 3, 0 0 Miami, FL. The industry would be a better place if games aplutena Senran Kagura and Monster Monpiece died. And we can't try and change it because? Just because something is an effective marketing technique doesn't mean it's right. Just because something is the status quo, it doesn't mean that it can't be challenged. Uthred Member Jun 16, The industry would be a better place when games like Senran Kagura and Monster Monpiece died.

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