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Jan 27, - So is this actual ntr/cuckold or just swinging? Well, it's just a fetus games, hope that can be better. Good job! It's non-consensual from start to finish. I love that I can play a game/vn and see some IR sex because I relate to it. Adult characters played sports, they are fed healthy and stay young.:p.

NTR - Why the hate?

For me, I look forward to NTR, wherein the gwme GF or the protagonist if it is a female characteris forced into a sex situation due to circumstance or blackmail, not because they willingly do it. ntr complete game adult f95zone

Prokopije Stupidity Exterminator Donor. Jun 5, May be you are right there.

complete f95zone adult game ntr

For the part where she is not forced, I has a thought of something where the BF and her had a mutual consent, where she is coerced through the storyline, to be a slut rather than a sudden change in viewand then the BF voluntarily becomes a cuck, she enjoys getting fucked by other guys and he ntr adult game f95zone complete his kicks watching her getting fucked.

Even from aspect of reality. complete f95zone ntr game adult

In this world there is much more girls which cheats, no matter how good BF is towards themthey just like to jump on random cocks in every opportunity. But i doubt there is much guys who enters peoples homes at night and drug their girls with chloroform to fuck them.

While I disagree ntr adult game f95zone complete your doubt of "much guys who enters peoples homes at night and drug their girls with chloroform to fuck them", which I think there are plenty of narutos sex games, young, old and very old, who would get ntr adult game f95zone complete dicks hard enough to polvault, at just the thought of such an idea, I do agree that there are plenty of girls who cheat.

That is gamw the game concepts come in, a bit of added perversion gives an edge.

adult complete game f95zone ntr

Besides, there are plenty of rapes and forced sex happening, blackmail is also not uncommon, besides this, there are plenty of swingers, pervert couples who like to experiment. There are plenty of examples in the game with all the 'escapades', Lastly, there is plenty of willing sex in the game, with NTR content switched off, which is always an option.

Mar 30, - In an adult game full of fulfilling the taboo wishes of our dirty minds, there is no relative having sex with someone else needs to mean the game is ruined. I tend to agree with Clit here, I hate NTR, I refuse to play any game a few different porn game communities, I get asked about games alot, I will state.

I would prefer if the NTR content gets some teeth in the future updates. They grow like mushroms.

game f95zone complete ntr adult

Hopefully it won't come to that. And you're already in dangerous waters with N-word stuff. And if it helps you, thinking about game improvements sounds much better than smoking or using FB to me.

Feb 8, I too am not a big fan if incest, however a romp in the hay with 2 sisters Sure, who would say "no" to that. But too often it doesn't end there. Sexual fantasy adult game some reason, there's this common assumption that if MC is after sister she must be also after all female relatives.

And worse, everyone seems to want them to be "MILF" types, but with significantly different meaning than the acronym. Instead of "Mom I'd Like to Fuck" they are mostly "Mom I'd not touch with ten foot pole and I'd run screaming if she tried to touch me", monstrosities ntr adult game f95zone complete in Dreams of Desire and similar.

I'm grateful for every game where something like that doesn't happen. Damn, that post was so long that my food went cold.

complete f95zone ntr adult game

Ellaraia Have you looked at tags? On the side, If the MC isn't related to them sisters and he has sex with them at the same time, is it incest?

adult f95zone ntr complete game

I would think not, but Patreon? She can't stand anyone trying to treat her like one.

game ntr f95zone adult complete

She needs to be treated as It's the only way she feels anything. For the peace of the household, you keep her gagged.

f95zone game adult ntr complete

She's fed and watered regularly and her litter box - when she chooses to use it - is kept clean. That, and treat her the way she craves to be treated.

f95zone game ntr complete adult

You need to keep her in her cage until she's fully trained, and the training is slow. Fortunately, she does understand the need to obey a firm hand.

"Best" adult games to play?

She doesn't get to exercise it here at the Club. Too gaame members are keeping an eye on her and making sure she isn't slacking off. complete f95zone ntr game adult

You can watch her from afar, but you have to keep your distance. One of the Club rules is that when you assign to work at the Club, you can't interrupt their work or sneak off to a private room with them.

About us. F95zone is a gaming community where you can find tons of great games, make new friends, participate in active discussions and much more.

They're Club property while they're here. CaligulawepViatovic and 1 other person.

adult game complete f95zone ntr

Apr 3, 1, 2, WindKnightgreyelfCentrophy and 3 others. Is that like gatorade for porn? Oct 22, NTR is the kind of thing that happens to loser wimps who enjoy being looked down on and made fun of.

complete ntr f95zone game adult

Is like what happens in dirtholes in the middle of nowhere like the dessert, swamps, jungle, ghetto, or any other shithole pack with idiots and sluts, that's why they would think is realistic. Is pathetic to say the least.

But this is an English forum so is mainly influenced by Fagmericans so is up to site:f95zone.ocm and once enough people say it means something else then it will mean something else XD Sigh You should definitely release some steam and chill. Porn games are not a whole world.

game f95zone ntr adult complete

Once you've had so much sex, learned the game, mastered dating, got married, you start to want something new.

When dating becomes too easy, you want something more challenging and different.

the best completed games

I enjoy the cuckold and NTR fetish, but I would never do it in real life. Too much risk in regards to privacy, drama and STDs. I'm also too selfish to share women I date in real life, but in a fantasy game it's perfectly harmless. Once you've had so many women at your disposal, you lose your insecurities.

[VN] - [Ren'Py] Because I Love Her [Ch. ] [The Typist] | F95zone

Reminds me of my younger days where I was trying to be macho and that didn't get me anywhere. Master of PuppetsqwertyHeitcaho and 8 others.

f95zone adult complete game ntr

Apr 30, If you added NTR it should be avoidable or just have xdult on or off button. May 16, 7, 7, Younger days lol seems to me you're still trying to act macho.

complete f95zone ntr adult game

People are free to dislike NTR based content just like you are free to like it. Calling someone insecure because they don't like it would be like me saying axult compensating for a lack of something by trying to be macho. There was only one good scene in this game that got me going and I thoroughly enjoy the games.

NTR tag overhaul (site-related discussion) | F95zone

Apr 10, 55 Nov 4, 15 Dec 22, 6. Nov 3, 17 7. Nov 12, 4 0. Mar 2, 19 I just recently played Slave Lords of the Galaxy from Pink Tea and really makeout sex games it but this one is just ok.

adult f95zone game ntr complete

It's just kinda bland in comparison. Jan 25, 14 6.

complete game ntr adult f95zone

Apr 25, 34

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Nov 7, - Some ppl want ntr so bad that they start imagining it and start talking about I mean the niece is pretty much an adult. It's like T4bbo is making a porn game, but doesn't actually like With as little content as there is in the game, you should at least be able to have a full scene to .. Forums · Main · Games.


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