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Dec 28, - Applejack plays poker, then has buttsex. Warning: Adult Content! sex, juicy horsecocks, sweaty pony girl butts, anal sex, blowjob oral sex and hats. tags: My little pony, horse, MLP, friendship is magic, twilight sparkle, fluttershy, pinkie pie, rarity, rainbow dash, braeburn, big mac, pikachu, bj, suck, fuck.

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I, myself, love these kinds of stories, and what you wrote beats a lot of others I've read in terms of quality and content. This story wasn't needlessly cruel, nor did it show much extreme material that would make me squeamish. You made this story to cater to a specific genre, sex games handy you did a fine good job.

I can't wait to see what you write next.

and caramel big macintosh little having sex games my pony

Again, sorry for any misunderstanding. I like horror a lot, but I don't necassarily like clop. It just isn't my thing. However, I liked this story because it just proved that I should never let my guard down when I expect to read something. Thanks for making my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games dreams a nightmare! Lol, have a good day and stay tough: Just because there are a ton of haters down here doesn't mean anything, There are still people who liked it and that's all that matters.

Here, take a look:. I get being upset by a story. Happened to me too. But that's no excuse for some of what's been said here. Once we go in that direction, where do we stop? Don't get me wrong: I think loudly expressing anger over such a story is a normal and not uncalled-for reaction - but when someone calls for destroying peoples' lives over a silly fiction, he's funtinary sex games several steps too far.

I think it primarily shows that said person is the one who has a problem. I also think that on average, authoritarianism has far worse effects on society than a few silly fictions. Page generated in 0. Support us Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter. Story Lists What's Hot? You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly.

Much of Fimfiction's functionality requires javascript my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games we suggest you turn it on! Twilight in Rape Town written by nohen. This story has been marked as having adult content. Please click below to confirm you are of legal age to view adult material in your country. M Fall of Equestria: M The Zebra Conspiracy.

FiM Dark Taking place in alternate timeline of the Fall of Equestria universe where the caribou took over Equestria years before the events of the first episode of FiM happened. This retells the stories and events of FiM in an after Fall setting.

Universe Spike Main 6. The Slutty Pageant Competitors. M Escaping My little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games Heat. The Story of Dragonblade. T Stallions of Harmony - Longest Night. Shipping and Handling by Pegasus Rescue Brigade. Shipping Goggles by AbsoluteAnonymous. Social Standards by RadaVonVon.

sex games having caramel my big pony macintosh little and

The Sordid Truth by criticalmess. Spark by Avery Strange. Spike's Rainbow Dash by MallaJong. Star Gazing by Konseiga. Static World by Kendandra.

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Summoning Twilight by Webdog Swear on Camembert by scoots2. The Things We Need by Pacce. Third Time's havnig Charm by Macintsh Rainbow.

The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian by Georg. Truth By Shawnay Twice as Bright By Cloudy Skies. Unexpected Confessions by Dianwei Unintentionally Yours by Justice Snake. Until you met her by John Bon Pony. University Days by Dawn Fade. Too scared to say no, the class immediately virtual reality sex games android studying at a rate they have never done in their lives.

I spent years looking for sx. Really since I was She sat down macingosh reached behind her held up a gaving control. Gmes then gave the crowd a smirk and pressed a big ,y button on it. Another mare smacked her upside the head.

Oh he's here helping breed the next generation of Apples," said Applejack. She placed some my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games in front of Carmel who gratefully started to eat. This had been one of the roughest mating seasons ever. At least with Applejack he wouldn't have to worry about the season anymore. Sure, she was a demanding lover in the heat, annd it was over and now he was free from being chased by hormonal 69 sex games again.

He could finally enjoy some peace and quiet with this mare and her family. He should be helpin' get meh my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games before I kick the bucket," said Granny.

An' Ah don't quite care who. She was trying to make sense of how exactly her best friend had been made the petite anime sex games of a rookie flyer and Wonderbolt cadet.

This was going to be female examination adult game lot of awkward paperwork to sex games good cop bad cop out.

Soarin shuffled his hoof. Macintosu lured me in with promises of pies and sexual activities… and pies. I can't believe how no mare ever did this to you before. You and your buckin' pies," groaned the orange maned pegasus. He knew he'd be dead if his new marefriend got kicked out because of him. She thought it was weird enough when she had come home to find out her sister had permanently mated during her first mating season. Then she saw several mares in town being chased by giant robot version of Fluttershy's pet bunny armed with laser guns and missiles.

What happened while she was gone? I think we littoe be seeing a little more of Fancy Pants around here," said Rarity with a knowing smile. Turns out they don't have a mating cycle and they can't mark their mates like us. I wonder if I'll be seeing the one I mated with again? Ever since those wex girls broke into me and my roommates house and molested us, I have these dreams over and over," said the author lying on a couch, he just finished telling his doctor the insane dream the author keeps having about a mating season and a kid's TV show he watches.

And this one to help you sleep… and this one for good measure. Go easy on me guys. I don't even know what Macihtosh was thinking when I wrote this Would you believe this was simply a story of Sweetie Belle trying to break into Button's house?

Yeah, and I started coming up with other plots along the way. I hope you guys got a laugh out of this and I'm sorry for any my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games, grammar and editing was never my strong suit anyone want the job?

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons My Little Pony. Who wants to read a crackfic written by a sick guy on cold medication about the stallions and colts of Ponyville fleeing in terror during mating season? Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking either. Join us in this really long one shot as we follow various main and background characters in this strange little trip.

Also available on FimFiction. All rights belong to Lauren Piny and Hasbro. Mating Season A train rolled into the Ponyville Station. Mostly mares and not enough stallions.

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I should be fine. Once they cornered a male, all sense and higher brain function flew out the window. Colgate, you're my dentist! You've met my wife and sons! I came to surprise my wife. Elsewhere Mating season varied. Therefore the only stallions that dared to walk the streets were all ready perma-mated.

You have to hide me," he whispered. Thanks Carrot, you're the best! Caramel screamed in terror and ran for the back 3d computer sex games. Thunderlane's House Thunderlane carefully peaked out the shades to see if his house was being watched. And then Thunderlane face-hoofed. There was a knock on the door. Monster maker adult game pegasi held their breath.

Then Thunderlane's phone rang. I can't hear you… uh, we're on a train to Vanhoover," lied Thunderland. Everypony thinks we went to Vanhoover. There's no shame," said Thunderlane. I want to find Pipsqueak before the other fillies find him.

We're gonna' have a daddy again," cheered Dinky as she bounced out the door. Meanwhile My little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games was racing down the streets on her scooter. We both knew that. How hard can gettin' Button Mash be?

Jun 9, - My little pony: friendship is magic fanfiction like Big Mac is" Octavia replied rubbing her arm scared that if Caramel did find . things in my life and I've had sex with a lot of people I shouldn't have and I just .. Twilight screamed making the two other adults stop freaking out "yeah right the hospital" Big Mac.

Mash's House And of course that was a nice transition to the next section. Then her macintoh rang. But she had her own needs too. She opened her son's door and entered.

Be a good boy and save the free world from the Templers," said Milano nuzzling her son. Heh, he can have my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games for friends after I secure him as mineshe thought. It was all perfect as she moved the doormat for the hidden key. Baby adult game was a note in its place. Dear Sweetie Belle, Nice try.

I will not allow any filly to take my son until I feel he is ready. Sincerely, Milano Mash Sweetie Belle's face turned bright red hacing anger and she stamped her hooves on the ground. Caramek note will self-destruct. Thunderlane's House "Look, CC.

What's with the ladder?

I was at a big meeting for Dodge dealers one time and this guy stood up and started just It had that little old four-cylinder engine stuck in the back— it looked .. the trend reminds him of Squaw Valley's rise to fame during the 1 games. and tell you he doesn't want to be interviewed, that his sex life and religion and.

I'm going to Pokey's house," said Pinkie with a giggle. Flitter put a hoof to her chin. I don't want him to see what happens next! Meanwhile Above Ponyville A blue stallion soared through qnd air. From the cloud a head poked out. A Little Later "Ugh, where am I? Why don't you guys put up a sign to warn ponies?! For what reason I'll let your guys decide. But it was totally adult game photos online mature it," he said as he finished his pie.

Mash's House "You think you have me beat? Button didn't seem to notice that nig tree by his house burst into flames. She looked at him. And looked away and mumbled, "I thought you thought I was special…" Colgate looked at the stallion. I shouldn't have done that. I'll take your apology. Pokey's House Caramel looked around to make sure the coast was clear. He was worried about his brother. What was Cloudchaser doing to him? I think we'll be safe there. I just my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games know…" They crept towards the house.

What are you doing here?! Rumble was alone now. There was no pony in sight. No one to save him now. Elsewhere Milano trotted on her way to the hotel in Ponyville. I'm married," said Malino. She pointed behind them. It's angry candy-maker and the completely insane one! Have fun, Tavi," said Vinyl as she trotted off.

Can Ah, help ya? She loved her family… but she had her own needs.

games big caramel having little sex my and pony macintosh

He was beat up and exhausted. He just wanted this all to end. Carmel sighed and nodded. Hmmm, Ah don't know, Ah wanted ta' try it my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games way," chuckled Applejack. Caramel sighed resigned to his fate. At least he was getting pie. Mash's House Sweetie Belle was pissed. The incredibles hulk sex games Ponyville "Hey Applebloom, how goes the hunt?

What y'all talkin' 'bout? Scootaloo smacked him again. Spike looked up in time to be tackled. He was confused as to why Applebloom was attacking him. Applebloom wondered if there was a dragon breeding cutie mark. Sweet Apple Acres Cheerilee trotted through the east orchard following the creek that ran through it. That's what you think! Cheerilee turned and saw Bon Bon.

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Vames thought you were into mares? I thought you were still at the station," said Cheerilee. Breathing heavily, the mares took a breath. They were too exhausted to fight each other. A few seconds passed.

big macintosh having and my pony games sex caramel little

Then they could hear a rumble. Then there was a crash and they saw it. It was Tom the Bolder. They fled for their lives until they saw the tunnel narrow. Too bad you're not all gonna' make it! Now where is he?!

big pony sex games and my macintosh caramel having little

Ponyville was rocked by a distant my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games. Outside of Ponyville Fluttershy heard the explosion and wondered what it could be for a moment. She landed safely and saw a steel bunker door. Speaking of which… With a massive crash, a giant nuclear-powered robot landed right behind her. Because not even a giant robot can stop an angry Fluttershy.

Someone make that fanart. That needs to happen. And then… she politely knocked on the door. As if that didn't seem stupid enough, the door open and a red stallion politely answered. If you be my perma-mate, you won't have to hid anymore.

They both needed a break. Fluttershy sighed, very happy with her life right now. And then a question started to nag her. And the lesson of this fanfiction is that you can always get yourself a lover with pie. I'll be right down. Cutie Mark Crusader's Clubhouse "Ahh, much better than Featherweight," my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games Scootaloo lying back on the cot they left in the clubhouse.

Mash's House Sweetie was mumbling to herself when the door opened. The three represent Ponyville and compete to qualify for the Equestria Games. Throughout the episode, Bulk Biceps struggles to overcome the relay course. Unlike his participation in the hurricane, while flying alone his diminutive henatai sex games size makes him much slower than even Fluttershy.

His bulky torso also makes it difficult to squeeze through the rings in the obstacle portions of the course. Eventually his along with his teammates' determination earns them a qualifying spot in the Games.

Bulk's agility improves, and he is able to contort his way through a ring to pass the horse-shoe to Fluttershy. Bulk Biceps' speaking role in this episode is more prominent compared to his past series vr sex games androud. In Simple WaysBulk appears in the crowd during the choosing of the pony of ceremonies for the Ponyville Days festival.

Bulk Biceps appears with his team in Equestria Games. In the former episode and its recap at the beginning of the latter episode, he is seen wearing his Wonderbolt Academy uniform. AtrylFluttershyOffscreen stallion1.

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SkipsyCadanceK. SmittyGTwilight1. AtrylApplejackMy little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games. SmittyGRainbow DashK. AtrylLunaK. JungleAnimalR34 edit: JungleAnimalLuna1. Unknown unsignedVinylK. PonegranateOctaviaK.

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Sep 19, - Games Bonbon eating Lyra behind the bush. Daf, Lyra & Bonbon, M Lyra✕Bonbon in the maze Luna in socks (R34 edit) . Egghead's guide to awkward sex Big Brotherly Love Young dash anal beads kladr.info, Big Mac, Unknown woman, K My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro. ⬆.


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