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She's the daughter of the recently-deceased Amanifu, an old friend of Simba who helped repair the Pride Lands after Scar's downfall. Tiifu is a female lion cub, and one of Kiara's friends.

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She is a great rule-follower, and trusts the judgement of her friends. Zuri is a female lion cub, and another of Kiara's friends.

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She is vain, and not as adventurous as her friends. A bachelor trio of young male animals, who became outcasts from their gamds groups due to their carefree, mischievous nature.

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The predecessors to Kion's Lion Guard. They were led by Scar, but were 'destroyed' by him after he used the Roar of the Elders for evil.

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You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Current Members of the Lion Guard, Left to right: Fuli, Kion, Beshte, Ono, and Bunga.

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Voiced in Latin American Spanish by: Ono The Keenest Of Sight. Voiced in English by: Vargus Mason and Kevin Schon respectively. Beau Black and Dee Bradley Baker respectively.

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And though we seem quite pleasant, our niceness is just a show! Only brave enough to challenge me when I'm hurt? Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha.

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Tropes applying to the team kion and fuli furry sex games a whole: The team may be destroyed, but we're not sure if the same literally applies to the individual members.

They as a group are described as having been 'destroyed' by Scar, accompanied by a visual of them being blown away by Scar's roar. Though this also makes their fate ambiguousas it could either ffurry Scar literally killed them or they've simply gone missing. They are presumably dead.

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She pushed her virgin pussy on to his penis. The way her hymen broke brought a mixture of pain and pleasure that she couldn't describe why she liked it. All of a sudden, Makaio's cock seemed a lot bigger than it did outside her pussy.

She was already tight in the vagina to begin with, but his penis was stimulating her and her hips tightened even kion and fuli furry sex games.

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She felt the same horny feeling as well, quickly pumping his penis in and out of her dripping, wet pussy. Kaniele's moans of pleasure stopped and started screaming.

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Her screeching orgasm cub squeals sent a surge through Makaio who pushed the lioness down onto her chest with his paws. The female cub enjoyed the ufli of having his balls slap against her soaking anus.

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The fur around her legs and his sack was dripping with their combined juices as the lion continued humping her pussy. Aand of a sudden, Makaio felt a strange sensation and he didn't know what was happening.

So, Kaniele pulled out and Makaio covered her in his cum. She had started cumming herself, as well.

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She was on her back with all four paws curled flui in the air. Her tight pussy running with her cum as he spewed his cum onto her. The female cub's already filled pussy was overflowing with hot, white cub cum, the thick mixture splatted to the earth.

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Exhausted, Kaniele looked over to face him, a grin over her face and a resonant purring echoing from her chest. Terra and Amber saw Makaio and Kaniele walking toward them, but they noticed something different about them — they were walking weird.

Terra also noticed that Kaniele's brown fur was covered in white stuff. Terra smelled the air with her nose. It was not a clean air smell; it was a different scent, a sweet smell.

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Terra was still stiffing the air; the sweet scent was getting stronger as she neared the cubs. She circled Makaio, still stiffing the scent; she noticed it was the strongest between his hind legs. Terra circled Kaniele and just like Makaio it was the strongest between her hind legs. She licked Kaniele's furdy covered fur.

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Kaniele, Makaio and Amber looked at her very confused. It looked fun," Kaniele answered as she began to cry.

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It's natural to start to experiment and explore your body. At your age, I had just learned to masturbate," Terra said. In fact, if you want I can teach you and Amber how," Terra proposed.

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