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A few studies have assessed the associations between the degree and nature of adolescent exposure to sexual content and their sexual attitudes and behaviors. A recent study of African American girls growth based sex games 14 to 18 years found that teens with either multiple sexual partners or a history of sexually transmitted infections reported a higher rate of viewing television shows growtj depicted women as sexual objects or prizes.

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Brown and Newcomer 34 found that television viewing patterns differed by the sexual status of the adolescent virgin versus sexually activewith sexually active teens viewing more television with a high level of sexual growth based sex games. Determining whether exposure to sexual content encouraged sexual experimentation, or vice versa, was grlwth possible. This is a key unanswered question because of the lack of longitudinal research in this field.

Many theories have been advanced to explain the effects of media on behavior.

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Research on exposure to violent content in the media provides some support for these views. Other promising work appears in research on televised alcohol advertising and adolescent drinking. Rather, the effects of alcohol advertisements depend on the extent to which young people like growth based sex games attend to them.

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Music and humor are key elements in determining liking and attention. Importantly, this research used statistical modeling that showed that attention to alcohol advertising increases adolescent drinking, whereas growth based sex games does not influence attention to alcohol advertising.

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Although research lags behind technology, resources are available that support interventions by growth based sex games professionals, parents, and others table 1. Physicians should address preadolescent and adolescent patients' use of electronic media and the Internet, television viewing patterns, and viewing of R- or X-rated movies or videos when taking a thorough medical gaes to assess for risk behavior and as a mechanism for discussing sexual knowledge and plans.

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No guidelines exist on the recommended amount of time that adolescents should spend viewing television or other media. For many parents and physicians, the barometer of overuse is an amount greater than we or our children use the media. The main concern griwth practitioners should be whether television or other electronic media use is interfering growth based sex games an adolescent patient's ability to function effectively in other spheres of life.

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Does media viewing cut into homework time or other recreational activities like athletics or hobbies? Are teenagers absorbed in long hours of solitary viewing or game playing in their bedrooms without supervision or oversight?

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Are they modeling their behavior on that of performers or dramatic characters? Is this behavior inappropriate or harmful for their age or basde of development?

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Are adults aware of the media influence? Asking adolescents about their media viewing can give the physician or parent the opportunity to detect any feelings of depression or alienation.

Take Action

The adolescent may reveal unrealistic expectations about physical attractiveness and unhealthy dieting and exercise practices.

Suggested areas for inquiry are presented in table 2. Growth based sex games to ask adolescents about their use of the media, issues to address, and concerns.

The importance of supervision and guidance in the media choices of adolescents and their volume of use should be emphasized to parents and concerned adults.

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