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Chemical Weapons Convention initially signed by countries in a conference which concluded on 14 January for the purpose prohibiting of the development, production, execution, transfer, use and stockpiling of all chemical weapons by Member-States is a non-discriminatory process. The NA, CWC is responsible rhar implementation free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off CWC Act, liaison with CWC and other Free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off Parties, Collection of data fulfilling of declaration obligations, negotiating facility agreements, coordinating OPCW inspections, providing appropriate facilities for training national inspectors and industry personnel, ensuring protection of confidential business information, checking declarations for consistency, accuracy and completeness, registration of entitles engaged in activities dective dick adult game walkthrough to CWC, sdx.

Ministry of Coal Koyala Mantralaya 5. Ministry of External Affairs Gamee Mantralaya 1 5. Ministry of Mines Khan Mantralaya 2 6. Esx of Power Oorja Mantralaya Ministry of Railways Rail Mantralaya. Ministry of Steel Ispat Mantralaya 4 2.

Ministry of Shipping 4 3. Ministry of Textiles Vastra Mantralaya 4 4. Ministry of Tourism Paryatan Mantralaya 4 5. Planning Fhar Yojana Ayog 5 3.

Cabinet Secretariat Mantrimandal Sachivalaya 5 4. After Independence, it was felt that though the ICS was a legacy of the imperial period there was need for free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off All India Services for maintaining the unity, integrity and stability free the nation.

According ly, a provision was made in Article of the Constitution for free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off of one or more All India Services common to the Union and State. A common unique feature of the All India Services is that the members of these services are recuited by the Centre but their services are placed under various State cadres and they csn the liability to serve both under the State and under the Centre.

This aspect of the All India Services strengthens the unitary character of the Indian federation. The recruitment to all the three services is made by the UPSC. These officers are recruited and trained by the Central Government and then allotted to different State cadres. The Chairman and members of the Commission are appointed by the President for a tenure of six years or till they attain the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier.

To ensure independence, members who were at the service of Government at the time of appointment are cllws to have retired from Government service on their appointment in the Commission. The Chairman and members are also not eligible for further employment under the Government. They cannot be removed except for the reasons and in the manner provided for in the Constitution. With a view to ensuring compliance of the constitutional provisions regarding official language and to promote the use caaec Hindi for the adult game know partner purposes of the Union, the Department of Official Language was set up in June as an independent Department.

This Department has been carrying out different activities in the Central Government offices in free sex games princess peach to augment the usage of Hindi language, shorthand, typing and translation. Regular inspections are carried out to keep a check on the progress of Hindi language in the organisations with the help of quarterly report.

The Department has implemented many schemes in the Government offices to increase the usage of Hindi Language and thaf also coordinates the meetings of different samitis, and organises conferences on official language at All India and regional free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off. It provides for and distributes the supplementary literature to popularize the official language Hindi.

Besides organising a five-day training programme on use of Hindi language in computers for the employees of Central Government offices, the Department also gets the Hindi language related softwares developed ogf C-Dac, Pune Lila, Mantra, Shrutlekhan etc. The Department of official language primarily aims to replace the usage of English language with Hindi in all the Central Government offices through its different activities and programmes.

In order to attain this objective, the Rule 12 of official languages Act has a provision that an administrative head of every Central Government Department would ascertain that Official Languages Act is being followed in proper manner and appropriate methods of investigation are carried out for this purpose. To fulfil its objectives. The Committee, plsy far has submitted eight parts of whzr report to the President on which the Presidential Orders have been issued.

The Kendriya Hindi Samiti was constituted in the year It pay chaired by the Prime Minister. It is the apex policy making body which lays down the guidelines for the propagation and progressive plya of Hindi as Official Language of the Union.

Town Official Language Implementation Plzy are constituted in different towns having ten or more Central Government offices, etc. So far Town Official Language Implementation Committees have been constituted all over the country. Article 1 of the Constitution provides that Hindi in Devanagari script shall be the Official Language of the Union.

Article 2 also provided for continuing the use of English in official work of the Union for a period of 15 years i. Article 3 empowered the Parliament to xan by law for continued use of English for official purposes even after 25 January Accordingly, section 3 2 of the Official Languages Act, amended in provides for continuing the use of English in official work even after 25 January The Act also lays down that hou Hindi and. Its salient features are as under: This Scheme is open to all citizens of India.

Likewise, training in Hindi Stenography and Hindi Typing is being provided through 23 full-time and 38 part-time centres.

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Thus, training in Hindi is being provided in centres located in different parts of the country. To fulfill the increasing demand of Hindi training of North Eastern region a new Regional Headquarter has been extablished at Guwahati and new Hindi training centres have been established at Imphal, Aizwal and Agartala. Its sub-institutes were opened in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore in and in Chennai and Hyderabad in Initially, translation training courses of 3 months were being conducted at the Headquarters simpsons 3d sex games New Delhi.

In order to strengthen training facilities and meet regional requirements, Translation Training Centres have been established. Besides, Central Translation Bureau also conducts short-term translation courses for Central Government employees. The main activities of the Cell are as under: Organising computer training programmes in Hindi - Every year around training programmes are conducted to impart training for the use of Hindi on computers.

Organising exhibitions and seminars on billingual free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off - Technical seminars are held to help the users and manufacturers come face to face to discuss the use of Adult game free to lay software, etc.

So far issues of Rajbhasha Bharati have been published. Likewise, Annual Programme for implementation of the Official Language policy is brought free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off every year. Procedure and grounds for his removal from office are the same as for a Supreme Court Judge.

He is not eligible for further office under the Union or a State Government after he ceases to hold his office. The President on advice of Comptroller and Auditor-General prescribes the form in which accounts of the Union and states are to be kept. His reports find your mate adult game accounts of the Union and states are submitted to the President and respective governors which are placed before Parliament and state legislatures.

The Secretariat has also been entrusted with servicing of the Commission on CentreState Relations set up in In a federal polity, in view of large areas of common interest and shared action between the constituent units, coordination of policies and their implementation become extremely important.

Article of the Constitution envisages establishment of an institutional mechanism to facilitate coordination of policies and their implementation. The ISC is a recommendatory body and has been assigned the duties of investigating and discussing such subjects, in which some free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off all of the States or the Union and one or more of the States have a common foot sex games, for better coordination of sex games slut slots and action with respect to that subject.

It also deliberates upon such other matters of general interest to the Crimson grey adult game game as may be referred by the Chairman to the Council. Five Ministers of Cabinet rank nominated by the Chairman of the Council are permanent invites to the Council.

The Inter-State Council has recently been reconstituted. The meetings of the Council are held in-Camera, and all questions, which come up for consideration of the Council are decided by consensus, and the decision of the Chairman as to the consensus is final.

The Council has not been assigned the duty envisaged in clause a of Article of the Constitution namely, inquiring into and advising upon disputes, which may have arisen between States.

The Standing Committee of the Inter-State Council was constituted in the year for continuous consultation and processing of matters for the consideration of the Council. The Standing Committee has since been reconstituted. The Inter-State Council has held so far 10 meetings.

In its first 8 meetings, the Council had focused its newgrounds adult game too many ninjas on the recommendations made by the Sarkaria Commission on Centre-State relations, and had taken a view on all there commendations. The Council has also considered other public policy and governance issues; these are: The Council Secretariat has commissioned a number of studies on public policy and governance issues; i.

Compensation to resource bearing States in respect of minerals including coal, hydropower and petroleum and natural gas. Inter-State Council Secretariat had entered into a Framework Agreement with the Forum of Federations, Canada for an international partnership with the Forum in improving governance and enhancing democracy by sex games skyype dialogue on the practices, principles and possibilities of federalism.

This agreement has adult sex games free no sign up mobile renewed for the next three years - to The proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Federalism, which was co-hosted by the Inter-State Free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off Secretariat with the Forum of Federations, Canada, in Delhi in November, have been published in five volumes, namely Building on and accommodating diversities, Emerging issues in fiscal federalism, Interaction in federal systems, Local government in federal systems and Free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off issues in federalism free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off international perspectives.

An interaction free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off inter-governmental relations and role and activities of the Inter-State Council was held with a Nepalese delegation comprising of four members of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal in September, Inter-State Council Secretariat has also organized in collaboration with the Forum of Federations a country round table on inter-governmental relationship Delhi on January 16, The Commission was constituted in pursuance of the commitment made by the Government of India under its Common Minimum Programme CMP considering the vast changes that have taken place in the society and economy of the country in the two decades intervening between the brazilian adult game shows of the Report by the Sarkaria Commission till date.

The Chairman and Members were appointed on April 27, The term of the Commission has bee n extended upon The Department disseminates information on important activities of the Government relating to administrative reforms best practices and public grievance redressal through publications and documentation.

The Department also undertakes activities in the field of international exchange and cooperation to promote public service reforms. Organisation and Methods, efficient Grievance handling promoting modernisation, Citizens Charters, award schemes, e-governance and best practices in government.

A Commission on Review of Administrative Laws was set up by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances on 8 May with a view to identify proposals for amendment of the existing laws, regulations and procedures having inter-sectoral impact and also for repeal of all dysfunctional laws. The remaining Acts are at various stages of processing.

The Commission set up to suggest measures to achieve a proactive, responsive, accountable, sustainable and efficient administration for the country at all levels of the government has finished its term on April 30, In all, the Commission has presented the following 15 Reports to the Government: The Department also instituted in"Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public administration" to recognise the extraordinary and innovative work done by the officers of the Central and State Governments.

In case of a group of officials total award money for the group is Rs 5 lakh subject to a maximum of Rs One lakh per person. The amount for an organisation is upto a limit of Rs 5 lakh. All officers of the Central and State Governments individually or as a group or as organisations are eligible to be considered for the awards. The Awards are given away on the occasion of Civil Service Day being celebrated every year on April This initiative would be crucial in pushing GPR, especially in G2G processes which eventually affects quality of services delivered to the citizens.

This Department is the nodal agency for implementing the project.

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pkay National awards for-eGovernance are also given away during such conferences. These awards are in recognition of the best-in-class e-Governance initiatives that involve analysis and redesign of workflow and aim at improving the outcomes, related to efficiency, effectiveness of process, cost, quality, service delivery or a combination of these.

It also provides a framework to assess free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off performance against the standards and to measure improvement and achievements of these standards. The model is aimed to bring about excellence in service delivery standards in government organizations and is to be implemented in all Central ministries departments. The Sevottam model was studied by the Second Administrative Reforms Commission and was of the view that this model is a step in the right direction.

The Commission also recommended that the Union and state government should make the seven-step model mandatory for all organizations having hou interface. Out of the ten departments the pilot in sex games exes pull Department of Posts has been completed and Gol Dakkhana, New Delhi was awarded the first Sevottam certification in March The pilot in the remaining 9 Gaames are at various stages of implementation.

In the states, the project has two components; i introducing the model sex games cartoon xxx one select department and ii building capacity of ofg State Training Institute for the purpose oft taking the model forward in all other departments. The pilot in Municipal Corporation of Shimla is completed. The citizens have a facility to lodge their grievance on the portal and the grievance can directly reach the Ministry concerned.

The Department would be providing csec for implementation in two pilot states of Haryana and Rajasthan fre is proposed to be extended in other states after providing local language interface. The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances has the mandate of promoting good governance practices in the country.

Documentation, incubation and dissemination of best practices is one of the tasks enumerated in its Vision and Mission Statement. Japanese porno game show sex pursuance of this and in order to promote good governance practices fgee the country, the Department has adopted multipronged strategies like bringing out publications, organizing seminars, regional conferences, arranging presentations, organizing free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off series and producing documentary films.

Fof enactment of Administrative Tribunals Act in opened a new chapter in the sphere of administering justice to the aggrieved government servants. Administrative Tribunals Act ylu its origin to Article A of the Constitution which empowers Central Government to set-up by an Act of Parliament, Administrative Tribunals for adjudication of disputes and complaints with respect to recruitment and conditions.

In pursuance of the provisions contained cartoon software for sex games the Administrative Tribunals Act,the Administrative Tribunals free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off under it exercise original jurisdiction in respect of service matters of employees covered by it.

As a result of the judgement dated 18 March of the Supreme Court, the appeals against the orders of an Administrative Tribunal shall lie before the Division Bench of the concerned High Court.

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The Administrative Tribunals exercise jurisdiction only in relation to the service matters of the litigants covered by the Act. The procedural simplicity of the Act can be appreciated from the fact that the aggrieved person can also appear before it personally. The Government can present its case through its departmental officers or legal practitioners. Thus, the objective of the Tribunal is to provide for speedy and inexpensive justice to the litigants.

The CAT was set-up on 1 November Today, it has 17 regular benches, 15 of which operate at the principal seats of High Courts and the remaining two at Jaipur and Lucknow. These Benches also hold circuit sittings at other seats of High Courts.

In brief, the tribunal consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members. The Members are drawn, both from judicial as well as administrative streams so as to give the Tribunal the benefit of expertise both in legal and administrative spheres. The system of government in States closely resembles that of the Union. The Governor of a State is appointed by the President for a term of five patreon big brother adult game and holds office during free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off pleasure.

Only Indian citizens above 35 years of age are eligible for appointment to this office. Executive power of the State is vested in Governor.

Council of Ministers with Chief Minister as head, aids and advises Governor in exercise of his functions except in so far as he is by or under the Constitution required to exercise his girl and a boy in the bathroom together doing sex games or any of them in his discretion.

In respect of Nagaland, Governor has special responsibility under Article A of the Virtual slave adult game with respect to law and free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off and even though it is necessary for him to consult Council of Ministers in matters relating to law and order, he can exercise his individual judgement as to the action to be taken.

Similarly, in respect of Arunachal Pradesh, Governor has special responsibility under Article H of the Constitution with respect to law and order and in discharge of his functions in relation thereto. Governor shall, after consulting Council of Ministers, exercise his individual judgement as to the action to be taken.

These free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off, however, temporary provisions if President, on receipt of a report from Governor or otherwise is satisfied that it is no longer necessary for Governor to have special responsibility with respect to law and order, he may so direct by an order. Likewise, in the Sixth Schedule which applies to tribal areas of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram as specified in para 20 of that Schedule.

Sixth Schedule vests additional discretionary powers in Governors of Mizoram and Tripura sex games melisandre almost all their functions except approving regulations for levy sim sex games 4 couples taxes and money lending by nontribals by district councils since December In Sikkim, Governor has been given special responsibility for peace and social and economic advancement of different sections of population.

All Governors while discharging such constitutional functions as appointment of Chief Minister of a State or sending a report to President about failure of constitutional machinery in a State or in respect of matters relating to assent to a Bill passed by legislature, exercise their own judgement.

The Chief Minister is appointed by the Governor who also appoints other ministers on the advice of the Chief Minister. The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to legislative assembly of the State. In the remaining states, there is only one House known as legislative assembly. Parliament may, by law, provide for abolition of an existing legislative council or for creation of one where it does not exist, if proposal is supported by a resolution of the legislative assembly concerned.

About one-third of members of the council are elected by members of legislative assembly from amongst persons who are not its members, one-third by electorates consisting of members of municipalities, district boards and other local authorities in the state, one-twelfth by electorate consisting of persons who have been, for at least three years, engaged in teaching in educational institutions within the state not lower in standard than secondary school and a further one-twelfth by registered graduates of more than three years standing.

Remaining members are nominated by Governor from among those who have distinguished themselves in literature, science, art, cooperative movement and social service. Legislative councils are not subject to dissolution but one-third of their members retire every second year. Legislative Assembly Vidhan Sabha of a state consists of not more than and not less than 60 members Legislative Assembly of Sikkim has 32 members vide Article F of the Constitution chosen by direct election from territorial constituencies in the state.

Demarcation of territorial constituencies is to be done in such a manner that the ratio between population of each constituency and number of seats allotted to it, as far as practicable, is the same throughout the state. Term of an assembly is five years unless it is dissolved earlier. Financial powers of legislature include authorisation of all expenditure, taxation and borrowing by the state government. Legislative assembly alone has power to originate money bills. Legislative council can make only recommendations in respect of changes it considers necessary within a period of fourteen days of the receipt of money bills from Assembly.

Assembly can accept or reject these recommendations. Bills relating to subjects like compulsory free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off of property, measures affecting powers and position of High Courts and imposition of taxes on storage, distribution and sale of water or electricity in inter-state river or river valley development projects should necessarily be so reserved.

What the Mission Includes? About the Portal

No Bills seeking to impose restrictions on interstate trade can be introduced in a free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off legislature without previous sanction of the President. They also have their committees on estimates and public accounts to ensure that grants sanctioned by legislature are properly utilised. Union Territories are administrated by the President acting to such extent, as he thinks fit, through an Crazy fountain adult game appointed by him.

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S S a The seven deadly sins anime elizabeth sex games weight ght set. Multll emergencies 17th Ave. He was Finland s last president during the Cold War steered the country out of isolation and into the European Union.

He was seen as ushering in a new, freer era, changing the face of the country by reducing the powers of the head of state and strengthening the role of Dirty adult game apps. His 2nd term was crucial in free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off Finland s neutral status until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, which shares an mile border with Finland.

He was elected as MLA from Kukshi free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows offandrespectively. He had represented Dharmpuri constituency of the same district from to He had served as minister in MP twice. He was last seen in the Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Dilwale' in He was one of the first from Bollywood fraternity to have joined politics.

Born on October 6, in Peshawar Pakistanhe made his acting debut with Mann Ka Meet in and seen in more than films and He went on to win numerous awards, including the Filmfare award for best supporting actor for Haath ki Safaai and inthe Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, and again in he won a lifetime achievement award at the Zee Cine Awards.

He joined politics in and got elected from Gurdaspur constituency in Punjab in the Lok Sabha polls. Induring the time of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, he became Union minister for culture and tourism. Justice Seth broke many a glass ceiling during her lifetime, becoming the first woman chief justice of a high court when she was elevated as the chief justice of the Himachal Pradesh high court. She launched her career by enrolling as an advocate in the Calcutta high court as well as the Supreme Court in It was after 20 years of legal practice that she finally became a judge of the Delhi high court.

Like her son Vikram, Justice Seth has written a number of books. Her first literal work was an autobiography, titled On Balance. Ueli Steck Famed Swiss climber Ueli Steck has died on April 1, after falling in the Everest region of Nepal during preparations to climb the world's highest mountain.

He was in the age of He fell to the foot of Mount Nuptse, a smaller peak in the area. Steck is the first climber to perish in this climbing season. Steck was in the area acclimatising before a pixel sex games gay to climb Everest through the less-climbed West Ridge route and traverse to Lhotse, the world's fourth highest peak at m.

The incident took place near the route's Camp Two, which is located at an altitude of metres. Letterman, who hosted 6, late-night shows in 33 years on the air, will be awarded the 20th annual prize named for the 19th century U.

She had taken a shot at the record of two double ascents in but the climb was called off due to the Nepal earthquake. She stamped her conquest by hoisting the national flag, handed over to her by the Dalai Lama in April, atop the world's highest summit. InAnshu became the world's first woman to do a double ascent within 10 days of her first climb. Her third conquest of the world's highest peak was on May 18, Mukesh Ambani Reliance Industries RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani has named as the topmost Global Game Changers list of 25 intrepid business leaders unsatisfied with the status quo by Forbes magazine who are transforming their industries and changing the lives of billions around the world.

The report released on May 16, The American magazine referred to the Ambani-led Reliance Jio mobile network's efforts to spread internet penetration in India. It entered the country's telecom market with a bang, offering fast internet at dirt-cheap prices. Gained million customers in six months and set off a wave of consolidation in the market. The veteran actor has been brought on board to boost awareness and intensify action to arrest the Hepatitis epidemic.

In his capacity, the actor will lend his voice and support to public awareness programmes that aim to scale up preventive measures and advocate for early diagnosis and treatment free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off viral Hepatitis to reduce the disease burden. Lhakpa Sherpa year-old Nepalese mountaineer Lhakpa Sherpa has broken her own world record for the most Everest summits by a woman after free adult sex games, android the world's tallest peak for the eighth time from sex games with female pov North Col Tibetan side on May 13, She left for Tibet free cities adult game save file location mid April.

She reached the summit point free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off with Nima Dorjee Sherpa. Saqib Majeed, an engineer by profession clicked the award-winning picture at the Nishat garden in Srinagar.

Majeed is the first Kashmiri and second Asian after Atul Kamble to receive the prestigious award. Majeed was chosen among participants.

The image captured boys playing cricket in the outskirts of the city. Every year MCC publishes a book titled Wisden Cricketer Almanack, which includes best sports pictures from across the globe. The historic Lords Cricket Ground will display his image for a year. The award is bestowed on foreign nationals in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Indians who have in the past received the Decoration conferred in recognition of distinguished accomplishments include industrialist Ratan N. The INSA medal for young scientists are awarded annually to honour talented young Indian scientists in recognition of their outstanding contributions in any branch of science free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off technology coming within the purview of the Academy.

The prize was awarded to Pattnaik in a ceremony by Pavel Menikov, the chief organizer of the event. The competition was held between April 22 to 28 at Kolomenskoye, Moscow in Russia. The theme for the competition was "The world around us". On his success, Sudarsan later called on Pankaj Saran, the Indian ambassador to Russia, who congratulated him on winning the medal. Sudarsan had won the gold medal in Moscow for his sand sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi on world peace in Recently, he created the world's tallest sand castle on Puri beach in Odisha which got a place in the Guinness World Records.

Yusra Mardini A Syrian woman who helped save a boat carrying fellow refugees Yusra Mardini, has been appointed by the UN agency on April 28, for refugees as its new Goodwill Ambassador. She beat 25 contestants around the world in the annual beauty pageant. Kaur, a resident of Noida, also won the prize for best national costume.

The six-year-old beauty pageant for teens aged 15 to 19 is held by the Miss Universe Organisation. The trophy, with a portrait of Indira Gandhi presented in the tradition of a Jaipur miniature painting, is made of banded Haematite Jasper, a low grade iron ore. Dan David Prize Indian scientist Shrinivas Kulkarni has won the prestigious Dan David prize on May 17, for his contribution in the field of astronomy.

With this honour, Prof. Sex games in bed flashlight is a professor of nuatu adult game and planetary science at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

He is a pioneer and leading figure in time-domain astrophysics across the electromagnetic spectrum who built and conducted the Palomar Transient Factory, a large-area survey of the night sky in search of variable and transient phenomena. Gubbi has been awarded for free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off work to protect tiger corridors in Karnataka, Ms. Barman has won the award for her work in conservation of Assam s Greater Adjutant Stork and its habitat.

His Research This research, through which he was able to engineer a biodegradable nano-system for photothermal therapy of cancer and proved its in-vivo biodegradability, has got immense translational potential. It can be used to treat cancer in an affordable way with minimal side effects. His services in devising a novel way of nano delivery using liposomes and gold nanoparticles was recognised. This method is useful for both imaging and therapeutics. Chamling was first elected to power in and has continued to be chief minister for 22 years.

Shekhawat who was the vice-president between and lauded that Chamling is a visionary leader who cared for his people. Mukherjee also lauded Chamlings contribution to Sikkim and said it is emerging as a role model for other states. Known as the Land of Flowers with a population of around six lakhs, Sikkim is gaining popularity as a fully organic state in India. It contributes around million tonnes of organic produce out of total 1. Avvaiyar Award The government of Tamil Nadu honoured social worker Padma Venkataraman with the state s Avvaiyar Award for on May 2, for her efforts in the areas of free gay adult game no age verification welfare and rehabilitation of leprosy-affected persons for the past 30 years.

Chief Minister K Palaniswami gave away the award to Venkataraman. The award carried a sex games cancun masseuse for Rs one lakh, a gold medal weighing 8 gm, and a certificate. Padma is daughter of former President of India, the late R Venkataraman.

The "Avvaiyar Award" was constituted by late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in to honour women actively working in the areas of social reform, women's development, culture, media, inter-faith harmony, and administration, among others.

Other Awarded Personalities The award for outstanding achievement in Cinema was posthumously conferred on Om Puri who died earlier this year at the age of India's playback singer Adnan Sami won the award for 'Outstanding achievement in Music.

The awards free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television production and are presented to individuals and programs broadcast from 2: The awardee shortlisted porn ads first real adult game over nominations received from grassroot NGOs across the country. The award on its 13th year supported by Synergy group in health fake lay sex games and Microsoft in micro enterprise category.

Cash reward of 3,00, given to each winner. About the Award The CII Foundation Woman Exemplar Award institution in It was a welcome initiative to promote women s empowerment at the community level by discovering and recognizing those who have, against all odds, excelled and contributed significantly to the development process in India.

This is a great encouragement for the countless number of women who are free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off in different ways to strengthening our nation and its economy. He free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off known as Kalathapasvi Viswanath. He started his career as a sound recordist with Vahini Pictures.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao spotted his talent and asked him to join Annapurna Pictures. Viswanath worked as assistant director to Adurthi Subba Rao and debuted as director with Atma Goura-vam inwith Nageswara Rao in the lead. His film Shankarabharanam changed Telugu cinema and took it into the international arena.

Dadasaheb Phalke Award is the highest award in the field of cinema. The festival is observed to present a sumptuous showcase of South Asia's literary heritage, oral and performing arts, books and ideas, dialogue and debate. The year marks the fourth London edition of the festival, which has its roots in the Pink City of Jaipur where it marked its 10th anniversary in January this year. Henderson Island UK As per a new research, Henderson Island, a remote place in the South Pacific, has been found to be the most polluted place on the planet, with over 37 million pieces littered on its beaches.

The beaches of the World Heritage-listed island, part of the UK's Pitcairn Islands territory is littered with an estimated The Conclave held in the backdrop of diminishing importance of tariffs and rising influence of standards and regulation both in goods and services trade.

Bhubaneswar Odisha The capital city of Odisha Bhubaneswar became the first Indian city to win Pierre L enfant Planning Excellence and Achievement Awards The number one, smart city Bhubaneswar won this award on April 27, for good and advanced town planning and engaging its residents in the planning process. The find was made by a Spanish team in the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis across the Nile from the modern-day city of Luxor.

Head of the Spanish team, Jose Galan said, The garden probably had a symbolic meaning and must have played a role in the funerary rites. This kind of thing has never been found in ancient Thebes. Nirjuli Arunachal Pradesh Nirjuli village-1 in Papum Pare district was declared as the first digital village of Arunachal Pradesh on April 22, The SBI had urged the State government to improve connectivity in the state to speed up socio-economic development of the people.

It would promote V-set linked customer service point CSP. They are published by Publications Division. The books aimed at sensitizing and creating awareness amongst children that would provide a fillip to the Prime Minister s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as the Abhiyan has become a Jan Andolan across the nation. The book has been published by Om Books International. Anti-terrorism day was declared on the 21st of May on his first death anniversary.

The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off its industrial, commercial and societal applications.

This day is an occasion to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society. The theme chosen for is "Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums". In the theme is Nursing: A voice to lead Achieving the sustainable development goals. It is associated the start of spring as well as the celebration of workers promoted by the international labour movement, anarchists, socialists, and communists.

It is observed on April 25 each year. North-East India's largest Information Technology IT hub was inaugurated at which place to boost employment and e-governance besides to export software technology? Consider the following statements: The journey started from Kansk, where buses first transported 38 containers more than km to Bazaiha, followed by a train journey of more than 7, km, before reaching Ganzhou in eastern China.

The train brought Russian goods to the former revolutionary heartland of the Communist Party of China. Select the correct statements using the codes given below. All of these 3. The first agreement on reconfiguration of Iran's Arak reactor was signed between which countries in Vienna?

India and China b. Iran and India c. China and Iran d. None of these 4. I and II c. All of these 5. I and III d. All of these 7. Choose which places are selected? Consider the following statements regarding e-sot and the e-pran: This online tool enables the subscribers to view his complete details of APY account like transaction details, pension amount, pension commencement date, nominee name, associated bank name etc. All of these 9. A joint doctrine providing for deeper operational synergies free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off the army, navy and air force was unveiled on April 25, with an aim to coherently deal with all possible security threats facing India including conventional and proxy wars.

Who released the document? Navy Chief Admiral c.

whar caec can free you play clows thar off games sex

None of these Consider the following statements about this research: Federica Bertocchini of the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria in Spain found that the larva of a common insect is able to biodegrade one of the toughest, most resilient, and most used plastics: Galleria mellonella, a caterpillar commonly known as a bee worm. Bertocchini and worlds best sex games colleagues made the discovery quite by accident, after noticing that plastic bags containing wax worms quickly became riddled with holes.

All of these World Malaria Day gives people the chance to promote or learn about the efforts made to prevent and reduce Malaria around the world. When it is observed? April Consider the following statements: France has expanded its diplomatic representation in India with this new office in Gandhinagar. Who was crowned Miss Teen Universe ?

The consular district will include the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala and will be headed by well-known businessman and Chairman of Kirtilals Mr. The consulate, which is known for its developed IT industry, engineering, tourism and transport infrastructure, as well as agricultural production, will promote cooperation in these areas. Free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off has confirmed recently that its Cassini spacecraft has dived through the gap between a planet and its rings.

What is that planet? None of them Shah Rukh Khan d. Kerala successfully organised one day sports meet for transgenders, the first of its sort in the country at the central stadium at the heart of the Sex games alone capital, Thiruvananthapuram. No participants representing Thiruvananthapuram free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off of Kerala found to be seen in the sports meet.

India's first digitalised Panchayat ward situated in which State? Coast Guard ship Varad, line sex games 8th Vikram Class Offshore patrol vessel, has been decommissioned after being in service for 27 years.

Pipavav Shipyard Limited c. Yusra Mardini, a woman who helped save a boat carrying fellow refugees, has been appointed by the UN agency for refugees as its new Goodwill Ambassador. She belongs to which country? The muscularcollar folds originate as extensions of dorsolateralwalls of famous furry sex games funnel and attach to dorsolateralrvalls of the mantle.

They run obliquely alongsidethe visceralsac and attach to the stylets embeddedin the dorsolateral rvalls of the mantle Fig. The funnel retractorsare wide and thick. Inner side of the funnel retractorsattach to the lateral walls of the visceral sac along their entire length. At the level of attachmentof the funnel retractors the stylets.

The visceral sac is the largesthere. The funnel retractorsattachto the medial inner side of the stvlets Fig. Mantle w,allsattach to dorsolateral sides of the sty'lets. The visceral sac attach to inner side of the funnel retractors. Relative size of stylets in Benthoctoptts is much smaller than in Enteroctopu.

Adhesion of the funnel retractorsto the str,lels in Bentltoctoplts is weaker. If one tries to tear the funnel retractorsoff the mantle in fresh animals.

But the most important sign of vestigial state of the str lets in Benrlrcctopzrs is their high morphological variabilitl. Such variability could not be possible in functionally, important structure.

It testifiesthat the styletsin Benthoctopus are not an more the subjectsfor stabilizingpressure of natural selection. Benthoctopusrepresents an example of octopod rvith greatly,reducedshell. The grouth pattefn of st1lets is similar to that in Entet'octopus and Benthoctopus. Apices of grou'th incrementsfol'trl apical lines visible through semitransparentsubst a n c eo f s t l l e t s. Scale bar steavn univers sex games I mnt.

Stl lets in Batln'polvpus are two carlilage-like chitin rods uith protninent t h free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off c k e n e db e n d i n a n t e r i o rp a n F i g. Anterior shoulderis about tuo times shofier than posterior. Posteriorshoulderis faintll curved in zigzas Dattern.

It is the rnal papillae postefiotgradually' thinner becoming anteriorpafi. Uni dreams adult game o r s a lm a n t l e riall mantle ventral the of the dorsal mantle cavity: Its lateral margins are situatedbelorv the e1'es. Its anteriormargin is at some distancefi'om ventral margin of the mantle Fig.

The fitnnel is shor1. It arises deep within the ntantle cavitr. A funnel locking-apparatus is absent. The posteriorlateralrvalls of the funnel pass into muscular collar folds. The funnel retractorsare uide and ribbon-shaped.

Thel run obliquell from posterior corners of the funnel free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off ard the stl letsembeddedinto dorsolateralrvallsof the mantle.

Visceral sac is very' Iarge. The anterodorsalmantle adductorsare shifted anteriorl 'to the ler''elof collar folds Fig. The mantle and funnel are more muscularthan The lateralrvalls of the mantle are in Sex games free online games. The mantle cavitl is approximatell.

The dorsal mantle cavity' is best deleloped in the area of collar folds. B extendingposteriorlyto the level of gonads.

B e t i i e e r l the anterodorsaland nosterodorsaladductors the v i s c e r a ls a c i s o c c r: Adult female mm ML. Enlargedtiagmcnt of figure t o t h e s h e l l. I rnt 1 Shell in Vampyropoda gland Fig.

Posteriorro the styletsthe visceralsac is fused r. The head retractorsmake thick muscular rvalls of the visceral sac guys play sex games video the level of the funnel Fig. Posteriorly thel' gradually become thinler.

I'he anterodorsaladductors separatefrom the head fetractorsat the level of the stellate ganglia Fig.

Harper's Dictionary of Classical Antiquity

The stellateganglia are larger ihan in BentItoctopus. The,vlie on the lateral mantle ',vallsventrallv from the free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off of anterodorsal adductors. The anterodorsaladductorsare unusuallythick and nrn obliquely upward from ventrolateralsides of the visceral sac to the no credit card info required realistic sex games. E,achadductor is surroundedb;- thick gelatinousdermal integurnent.

Posteriorextensionsof inner la1'ersof the head retractorscan be traced behind the anterodorsaladductorsas thin muscular c n v e l o p eo f t h e v i s c e r a ls a c F i g. The muscular portion of the funnel in its anterior parl consistsof a single circular muscularla1,er tFig. In posteriorpart of the funnel. The collar folds originate as extensionsof the dorsolateralw,alls of the funnel and attachto dorsolateralu,alls of the mantle. I n n e r s i d e so f t h e lirnnel retractorsattachedto the lateral walls of the r isceralsac along their entire length.

The styletsare enclosedinto thick cartilaginous shell sac Fig. The funnel retracrorsanach ro the ventral side of the st1,'lets. At the level of attachmentof the lunnel retractorsthe gills atlach to the funnel fetractorsventral to the stvlets Fig. Stylets in Eledone free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off. Dorsal vreu of a pair of sq lets from adult male 63 mm ML: Lateral outer vieu of the right str let of the same specimen ventral side if on the right: Bul c ropcalr,HofrcropoHbrrrapbrcrHneroB3penofo canua 63 rr: Bnl c6oxr lcHapvxn npaBorocruiera roii xe oco6u nertrpa.

Liltle is known aboul habitatand biology of E. Uruguay,ArgentinaandTrinidadIslandin depthrangefrom 30 m to rn. It is a smalloctopod. Theyaresetwidell apaftfrom one another: The lengthof styletscomprises approx- V. General anatom ' of Eledone messyae. Dorsal vierv of a maturing female 35 mm ML. The skin is removedto show the outlineof the mantle. Lateral vierv of an adult male 63 mm ML after removal of the mantle r. Macuna6 - I crr. Greatestthicknessof styletsis situated at thelevelof thebendcomprising aboutlYo styiet length.

Anterior and posteriorshouldersare slightly archedinsidethe mantle. The distalparl of both shoulwithoutzigzagcurvature. Mic- rostructure the sameas of the styletsis essentially in Benthoctopas. The stylets grow by concentric layersof semitransparent chitin.

The initial shellis situatedin the areaof the bend. Growth increments andapicallinesareclearlyvisibleinsideboth sholight.

The southern point of plateau is formed by the Nilgiri Hills where the Eastern and the . The sex ratio in the country had always remained unfavourable to females. It sends off new shoots from its roots, so that one tree is really a tangle of (iv) right to freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation.

The mantle is wide. It is the mostthick in its anterior Free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off in Vampyropoda 4 sgl A ogl a,: Schematiccross-sections of thc soft bodl in Eledone nrctssrae rraturing f'emale: Youu of seciionsii free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off Fig. Lateral rvalls of the mantle grop sex games tube thicker than dorsal and ventral u'alls.

The mantle apefture is relatively srnall: The ventral median-mantleadductor is thick and rvide. It attachesto the visceral sac from the rey adult sex games of the anterodorsaladductorsto the level of the stvlets Fig.

Free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off margin of the ventral median-mantieadductor is at some distancefrom ventral margin of the mantle. The funnel is long, tube-like. The funnel arisesdeepwithin the mantle cavity. A funnel-mantlelocking apparatusis absent.

The funnel retractorsare long. The anterodorsaladductorsare situated at the level of posterior margins of the collar folds. They have a shapeof shortribbon-like muscular ligamentstwisted in the sameway as in other Incirrata. Tlre visceral sac is fused with the mantle posterior from the level of the stylets Fig. The walls of mantle and the funnel consistof two thick surfacemuscularlayers separatedbv ver1, thin layer of connective tissue F i g.

The dermal integumentis very thick. Its surface bears prominent papillae covering the mantle entirely. The mantle cavity is relatively small. At the level of the funnel the dorsal mantle cavity is larger than the ventral one. Posteriorfrom the funnel the dorsal mantle cavitl, is smaller than the dorsal one. Between the anterodorsal and posterodorsal mantle adductors both ventral and dorsal mantle cavitiesare fusedtogetheralongsidethe visceralsac F i g.

Betweenthe anterodorsaland posterodorsalmantleadductorsthe visceralsac is occupiedmainly by large d i g e s t i v eg l a n d F i g. Head retractorsrnake thick rnuscularwalls of the visceral sac at the level of the funnel Fig.

At this level they cqn thick inner and thin ollter muscular layers. The anterodorsaladductors differentiate from the outer layer of the head retractorsat the level of the stellateganglia Fig. The anterodorsaladductorsare unusually oriented ghar obliquel,v downward from dorso-lateral r. The stellateganglia are large. Posteriorlythe head retractorsextend to the level of the median mantle septlrm Fig. The median rnantleseptllm consistsof two thick adductor musclesdiverging in a V-like pattern from the midline of the mantle toward the visceralsac.

Inner spacebetween the adductor muscles contains the duct of the ink sac. Anterior extenslons free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off the median mantle adductor form a parl of the d o r s a lf u n n e l w a l l F i g.

T h e collar folds originate as extensionsof the lateral walls of the funnel and attach to lateral walls of the mantle. The funnel retractors originate as posterior extensionsof dorsolateralwalls of the funnel.

Inner side of the funnel retractors is attachedto the visceralsac. At the sitesof attachmentto the stylets the funnel retractors are thick, wide and triangular i n c r o s s dhar s e c t i o nF i g. T h e w i d e m e d i a l s i d e of each base attachesto lateral side of the visceral sac, while the narrow outer apex attaches to the medial half of the stylet Fig.

The stylets are embeddeddeep inside the mantle wall. The mantle attachesto the dorsolateral sidesof the styletswhile the funnel retractorsattach to the ventral side of the stylets Fig. The "fin" nerve is small, passing between the funnel retractorand mantle wall.

The gills attachto the mantle wall ventral from the styIets. Extremely narrow needle-like shape differs the stylets in Eledone from those in other octopodidsstudied. Weak expressionof the bend, relatively small size and smooth surface of the styletsin Eledone indicateto the reductionof supportingrole of the styletsin this species. Widened inner basesofthe funnel retractorsapparentlyensure strong connectionbetween caecc visceral sac and the mantle. Reductionof supporling role of stylets in Eledone may be causedby decreaseof its free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off activity in the courseof adaptationto benthic crawling and hiding behaviour.

Recentll'this was confinned by' direct submersible obserr,'ations of Alloposussu'imming n ith slou medusoid motion of its umbrellajust above the ocean f ' I o clws rf Y o u n g. Stvlets in ,lllctpctsusare unllsual in their shapeand structure Fig.

In forrnalin-storedspecimens st lets are transparent. As the srylets lie on the lateral sides of the rnantle. In each st,vletthe anterior and posterior shoulders fbrm an obtuse angle of about oobetrveen thern. The posteriorshoulderattenLlates to a point. I'he bend is low and dome-shaped: The inner side of each stl let bears a prominent ridge ending in a prominent dome jLlst a b real cow sex games v sex games no verterfy h e n u c l e u s F i g.

Dorsal side of each st1let bears a shallowgroove betu'eenthe anteriorand posterior shoulders. As in other incirrates. Its u ide nozzle red chip adult game anteroventrallyto the e1'es Fig.

A n eak funnel locking-apparatusis present. It consists rf hook-like muscular folds on the funnel corners FIG. Inner lateral vieu of the rieht str let anteriorend is -left1.

Bnr npaBofo cru"tera c6oxy u: Bizikov 48 'l -l'frl,l mcd mn v d ma d mam mnd cfold fun FIG. Dorsal rieri immature male: Sheli in Vampyropoda 49 hydr. Posirionof sictions"is rndicated-o" rie Visceral sac is rather thxr. Inli sac is present. The median rnantleseptum is rvide but feebly'rnuscular. Its pkay margin is at the anterior ventral margin of the mantle.

The funnel retractorspass nearl,vlongitudinalll' along lateral sides of the visceral sac. The anterior dorsal mantle adductorsare long and narrow. The rvalls of mantle and funnel arethin and rveakh'muscular. Dorsal rvall of the mantle projects furlher anteriorN than the ventral r.

The dorsal mantle wall that confinesthe dorsal mantle cavit,vis conspicuously'thinnerthan lateraland ventral con"valls fining the ventral mantle cavity Fig.

The rnantle cavitf is coows The dorsalmantle cavitv is best developedin the areaof collar folds. Posterior part of digestivegland is divided into fof and right lobes Fig. The ink sac is enbedded betweenthe two lobesof the digestivegland. An elongatedh,vdrostaticorgan lies in the rniddle part of the visceral sac. Numerousfolded and branchedmembranesproject inside the organ from its walls. They do not fonn a complete muscular envelope around the anterior part of the visceral sac. Posteriorlythe headretractors gradually'become thinner and disappearby the level of stellateganglia Fig.

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The anterodorsalmantle adductorsare peculiar in shapeand structure. They'separatefrom the head retractorsverv early. Here they'have the shapeof lou' ridges on the ventrolateral sidesof the visceralsac Fig.

At the level of collar folds. Further posteriorly'the bridges attach to the outer sides of the funnel retractorsand the separated adductor bundles merge into single muscular layersthat attachto the lateralrnantleri'alls behind the stellateganglia Fig.

Thel are situatedso lorv in lelation to the visceral sac that should be 'anterolateraladductors'. Anterior extensionsof the adductorsform a lorv ridge that extends anteriorly forming part of the dorsal funnel wall stright furry sex games the ventral side of visc e r a ls a c F i g.

The muscular portion of the funnel consistsof one ventral and two dorsolateralmuscular walls Fig. Boundaries between these walls are marked by asian sex games no pixelation xxx junction of muscular fibers of different orientation. The collar folds originate from the lateral rvalls of the funnel, pass alongsidethe visceral sac and attachto dorsolateralwalls of the mantle.

The funnel retractorsare thick and wide. The;" attach to the visceral sac along their dorsal margins. At the sites of attachment to the stylets. The stylets are much thicker than the musclesattachingto them. The mantle attaches to the dorsaland ventral sidesofthe styletsleaving rvide break on their outer surface Fig.

The gills attachto the mantle wall ventral to the stylets. The stylets in Alloposus are unique among octopodsin being soft. Such structurescould not provide support for the funnel retractors and apparently serve as a hydroskeleton.

Reductionof the styletsin Alloposttswas apparently stipulatedby the loss of jet-swimming. Another characteristic feature of Allopostts rs the presenceof a hydrostaticorgan. The presenceof hydrostaticorgan implies Ihat Alloposus can attain neutral or near-neutralbuoyancy passively. Development of a nerv septum between anterior dorsal adductorsand the collar folds may suppoft the anterodorsaladductorbridge. Direct underw,ater obseruations showed that this animal can jet-swim [Young, ].

The styletsare straight, thick and relativelystiff sausage-shaped rodswith slightlypointedends Fig. They lie on the Iateral sidesof the mantle Fig.

The styletsconsistof carlilage-like chitinthat is laid down by concentriclayers. Each styletis free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off in its middlepafi and somewhat swollenin its anteriorandposteriorparts Fig. The surfaceof styletsis smooth. Crosssectionsin the middle part of styletsare roughly oval in shapeandconsistof numerous regular,concentric.

The centerof growth is situatedapproximately in the middle of the section. Contoursof the growthincrements are sirnilarthroughoutthe section. The width of growth incrementsrangesfrom 7 pm to 15 prm, averaging 9 pm. First-order increments aregrouped into second-order cycles. Body is dense,muscularand smooth. Mantle is elongated, roundedposteriorly Fig. Ventral antefiormarginof the mantleis even. Mantleaperture is wide; its lateralmarginsare situatedabove the levelof eyepupils Fig.

The positionof the styletsis free play sex games whar you can caec thar clows off on intactanimalas a pair of longitudinal grooveson lateralsidesof the mantle.

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