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I've seen stuff like that happen before; nerds can get ridiculous about girls sometimes.

Like "she plays video gamesshe's my soul mate! They'll grow up and knock it off, with any luck. Maybe you guys can find another couple to play with?

Welcome to Reddit,

Not sure if playing with your friend who admitted to having a thing for your girlfriend would ever feel completely free of weirdness, at least I know it would bug me. Even if you played with other guys, entering the group as a couple sort of sets ground rules from the start.

Wishing you guys a very happy future! Yeah Dave telling me he has a crush on her definitely bothers me, but I try not to be jealous especially now that I know Sam likes me, and chose me in the end.

I just want to try and preserve our boat party sex games gifs with him, but if he continues to be a tool then my relationship with Sam comes first and I won't hesitate to cut ties. Don't forget he already stabbed you in boat party sex games gifs back in an attempt dinosaur sex games "win" your gf.

That needs a discussion.

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Yeah OP take this advice. I'm so happy for you dude, seex you're dealing with this situation with real maturity. But while you consider Dave a good friend, he can't consider you much of a friend, since he doesn't give a shit about your feelings at all.

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He's willing to go behind your back to try to sabotage your chances with a girl who liked you by spreading lies about you, that doesn't sound like a friend to me. A good friend might fancy her as well, since that's uncontrollable, boat party sex games gifs he would work through that himself.

Like he's promised to do now, so I hope he sticks to that promise, but he should've always done that in the first place. If she'd boat party sex games gifs his lies he would've wrecked your friendship and potential to date her! And you seem like such a good couple. Personally I would make him make it up to me big time, and that's if I chose to be friends with him.

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Life's too short for that immature drama. Nice job being frank with Dave. DM's who get that way with players are a maiden maker adult game english than players who get that way with other players. They can make very unfair rulings to boat party sex games gifs try and court favor boat party sex games gifs as "revenge". If you start a new DND group, try and get some other female players.

Maybe Sam has a friend or two who'd want to play? A lot of women never even try DnD because gmaes situations like this. Often stories alone are enough to keep some away. I DM a game with players only from a particular small fandom, most of whom had never played before because of fear of just this situation, and having a selective pool of potential players made everyone a lot more comfortable.

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Good on you for standing up for Sam, and congrats on your new relationship! Thank you so much!


I just wanted her to know that when boat party sex games gifs comes down to it, the way she was being treated was not ok at all and I'm always on her side. You are letting Dave off the hook way too easily here. She was treated so poorly she wanted to leave the group entirely.

I'm hoping if Sam and I take a break from DND for a boat party sex games gifs, Dave might be able to cool his head, otherwise I already messaged a few of my other friends from college to see if they were running online DND sessions that Sam and I might be able free pee sex games join in with.

That's some nice "Hope for the best, plan for the worst" thinking you are doing there.

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I've been in this situation before agmes on the otherside. Twice in the past decade I've introduced gals I've liked to my gaming group, they've fit in, and fallen for people in our group who are NOT me. Gofs times it hurt, but I got over one easily enough because they're both good people. The second went a bit rougher boah both parties THAT time kinda used me and abused my emotions it's a long story, but my crush was using me for emotional support while she started secretly seeing the guy who was my confidant concerning my feelings for her Anyway, enough of my drama.

I think you handled your situation very well and I'm glad you western adult game mega download link Sam are going to give it a go! I hope for much happiness for both of you! Lots of people talk the talk boat party sex games gifs supporting women who are being harassed and ostracised, but you walked the walk, and that's cool as hell. It's not easy to call boat party sex games gifs a friend!

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